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Forage know-how gives Wisconsin farmers an edge in growing biomass


Wisconsin farmers have been growing biomass for generations, says Kevin Shinners. They just have a different name for it.

Barrier-free technology coming of age in UW Trace Center project

Photo of a user's hand at a keyboard with a ring containing a small electronic chip on the little finger, and a receiver, to aid people with disabilities..

Despite the rapid increase in access to and use of the Internet, barriers still exist for a wide variety of users: people with disabilities, people who are aging, and people who have literacy challenges.

Custom solutions keep manufacturers competitive

Photo: Students tour RenewAire.

Every weeknight when the lights come up on the set of “The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien,” the staff at Electronic Theatre Controls (ETC) can point to the television screen and say “we did that.” As a global company, ETC produces lighting fixtures for many countries, each with different voltage and connector standards. To find a way to efficiently produce a variety fixtures, the company turned to the UW–Madison Center for Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM).

High-tech instrument makers abound among UW-Madison spinoffs


As scientists and engineers explore the unknown, they frequently end up building the cutting-edge equipment and instruments they need, and high-tech instrument makers that have emerged from UW-Madison labs have been a good foundation for spinoff firms that sell research tools and equipment globally while creating a wide range of jobs in Wisconsin.

Made in Wisconsin: Vessel to contain cosmic force takes shape


Soon, Wisconsin will have the closest thing this side of the solar system to a cosmic dynamo.

University spinoffs represent a new face for agricultural production


Agricultural experts at University of Wisconsin-Madison have long played a key role in a state known for corn, milk and cheese.

UW-Madison lake scientist gets world’s top water prize


Noted University of Wisconsin-Madison limnologist Stephen Carpenter has been awarded the 2011 Stockholm Water Prize.

School of the Arts has large financial impact on Northwoods

Rhinelander Mayor Dick Johns and Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Lara Reed standing in front of the School of the Arts banner.

Wisconsin Idea Symposium focuses on partnerships for the public good


One of the featured events of UW–Madison's Year of the Wisconsin Idea will focus on "Principled Partnerships for the Public Good." The 2011 Wisconsin Idea Symposium is designed to engage staff, faculty and students in considering the values and purpose of the Wisconsin Idea.

Wisconsin Idea Scholars Program launches


A group of 31 community leaders from all over the state will convene at the University of Wisconsin-Madison as part of the Wisconsin Idea Scholars Program. The group includes CEOs, nonprofit leaders, farmers, small business owners and others to discuss what matters to them, their communities and how the Wisconsin Idea can continue to grow.