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University of Wisconsin–Madison
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The Wisconsin Idea in Action

Notes on the Data

The data provided is based on reporting from a variety of sources. For official and comprehensive quantitative information on the major dimensions of the university, see The Data Digest.

Legislative District Shapefiles

District shapefiles are provided by the Legislative Technology Services Bureau via the LTSB Open Data Portal.

Student Population

Source: InfoAccess data warehouse and records maintained by the UW-Madison Division of Enrollment Management. Data are current as of the tenth day of classes of the fall semester. Students may apply for or adjust their financial aid throughout the year. Data are based on home addresses, which may change throughout a student’s time in school. Residency determinations not used for this report. Home addresses were geocoded using Bing Maps API. Students with home addresses in other countries are excluded, regardless of residency determination. For official totals by residency, visit