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The Wisconsin Idea in Action

Management Assessment Center

The Wisconsin Assessment Center for Dairy Farm Owners/Managers was developed in 2003-2004 through a USDA grant which was part of the University of Wisconsin Dairy Initiatives Program. The center is modeled after a similar program at Ohio State University. An assessment center is not a building, a group of people or a location. It is an assessment approach different from most other methods of measurement and assessment approaches. An assessment center is characterized by multiple assessment techniques, multiple assessors, situational tests and structured procedures for making observations.


Based on the summary of responses, 65% of the participants indicated that they have made changes in the day-to-day approach to managing their farm as a result of the Management Assessment Center for Dairy Farm Owners and Managers. Areas of change include delegating, accepting others' abilities, and prioritizing. More than half of the participants have gone as far as to change their managerial responsibilities on the farm. Changes include more financial management, a team approach to work responsibilities and delegation of activities.

Focus Areas

Project Leader

Jenny Vanderlin
Assistant Director

Center for Dairy Profitability
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College of Agricultural and Life Sciences

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