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Wisconsin Edge

The Wisconsin Edge is an informal confederation of businesses, economic development organizations, patient advocacy and health care groups committed to Wisconsin's economic development efforts and advancing the state's leadership in stem cell research. Supporters of Wisconsin Edge believe the potential for stem cell based technologies and therapies to improve the human condition and to stimulate job creation will benefit everyone. To secure the future for stem cell research, Wisconsin Edge participants are reaching out to talk with business and civic groups, health care organizations, patient advocacy networks, elected officials, and the news media.


Wisconsin researchers were the first to isolate human embryonic stem cells and grow them long-term in the laboratory, and today, organizations affiliated with our university system hold dozens of patents related to stem cell research. Also, stem cell science is already creating jobs and boosting Wisconsin's economy. To date, stem cell research has drawn over $50 million in competitive grants and contracts to Wisconsin, while millions more in private funding has helped Wisconsin entrepreneurs launch half a dozen companies and lured international businesses to establish operations in our state.

Focus Areas

Project Leader

Tom Still
President, Wisconsin Technology Council

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