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The Wisconsin Idea in Action

Integrating Child Welfare, Income Support, and Child Support to Improve Outcomes

The William T. Grant Foundation named Maria Cancian as a Distinguished Fellow in a program created to make connections between research, policy, and practice. Cancian is examining the Wisconsin child welfare system, and how it interacts with the broader child support and welfare systems to improve child and family outcomes. She is working full-time in the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families (DCF) with policymakers on a range of activities. She is shadowing her mentors to gain a deeper appreciation of the day-to-day challenges of reorganizing a state welfare/child welfare system, and shadowing child welfare caseworkers in two county offices to observe the intersection of policy and practice.


Cancian is contributing to efforts to evaluate and improve child welfare and related policies in Wisconsin.

Focus Areas

Project Leader

Maria Cancian
Associate Dean, Social Sciences, and Professor of Public Affairs and Social Work

School or College
College of Letters & Science

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