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CO2gether Project

CO2gether is a website designed for people who live or are interested in the environment of south-central Wisconsin. The site provides tools for users to learn about climate change, calculate their carbon footprint, learn how to reduce their carbon footprint, track and journal efforts, and measure the impact they can have working with others in the area. Users are able to link with their utility bill from Madison Gas & Electric to track their usage.


CO2gether links electricity use and transportation choices to a carbon calculator and community network to support decision-making on energy conservation and low-carbon electricity options. It is also used as a public education resource on climate change, energy conservation, and carbon emissions.

Focus Areas

Project Leader

Tracey Holloway
SAGE Director

School or College
Gaylord Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies

This project was last updated on Nov 2, 2010. Do you have an update for this project? Find out how to contribute.