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The Wisconsin Idea in Action

Wisconsin State Cartographer's Office

The State Cartographer’s Office (SCO) is Wisconsin’s resource for information about maps, cartography, geographic information systems (GIS), land information systems (LIS), and geospatial technology. We support the state’s geospatial community through presentations and educational workshops, technical consulting, print and digital publications, Web-based catalogs and data services, and information about events, jobs and emerging trends. The SCO provides services to a diverse array of mapping and geospatial data producers and consumers in Wisconsin. This includes helping the general public find and understand map resources through our free online and phone services.


The SCO supports a vision of a Wisconsin geospatial community that is well‐informed, supported, and collaborative, and that operates on complete, up‐to‐date, integrated information for meaningful and effective analysis, visualization, and service delivery. The benefits of their work to the state include more effective and efficient governance, improved decision-making, improved delivery of services to the state's citizens and enhanced economic competitiveness. Today, geospatial technology is used in every conceivable area of business and government, and demand continues to grow.

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Howard Veregin
State Cartographer

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College of Letters & Science

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