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Service Learning in Cambodia

This outreach project, developed in partnership with a Madison-based NGO, Cambodian Schools Project, gives UW students the opportunity to engage in global service learning projects for an intensive month in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Students will gain some background on Southeast Asia, Buddhist cultures and/or global health through coursework at UW Madison. Students will then spend a month in May-June working and studying global models of social work, including local and foreign NGOs, socially responsible businesses and social enterprise. Students will study about religion and social issues in Cambodia, examining cultural values that infuse social work in Cambodia.


Global literacy skills and training for UW students, including understanding of rural and urban poverty in a developing economy, social problems and responses. The course will help credential UW students interested in pursuing global development and non-profit sector careers, as well as pre-med, social work, international economics, public health and education.

Focus Areas

Project Leader

Anne Hansen
Professor Of History And Religious Studies

Religious Studies Program, Center for Southeast Asian Studies
School or College
College of Letters & Science

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