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The Wisconsin Idea in Action

Digital soil mapping in Wisconsin to enhance the knowledge base for sustainable agriculture

Professor Alfred Hartemink's project focuses on digital soil mapping in Verona and Bellbrook (Dane county) and the Central Sand plains (Adams county). These are three contrasting sites in terms of soils (clay, sand, loam) and geomorphology (glaciated, unglaciated). Unique about the project is that is on-farm and in close cooperation with Wisconsin farmers. The sites are also used for teaching courses and graduate research at UW. The project enhances understanding of the soils in Wisconsin, how they should be mapped and managed sustainably, as well as delivering products that can be used to develop up-to-date soil information systems for larger areas.

Focus Areas

Project Leader

Alfred Hartemink
Professor Of Soil Science

Soil Science
School or College
College of Agricultural and Life Sciences

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