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University of Wisconsin–Madison
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The Wisconsin Idea in Action

Gloves-On Course and Carotid Course

University of Wisconsin Division of Vascular Surgery offers both a Gloves-On course (where attendees scrubbed into the operating room or catheterization laboratory with faculty, one-on-one) and a Carotid Course (with live case observation, bench top and simulator training). Both of these courses are held at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and offered to physicians, including those practicing in Wisconsin.

Focus Areas

Project Leader

Jon Matsumura
Vascular Surgery Chair

Division of Vascular Surgery; Dr. Matsumura, Dr. Acher, Dr. Engelbert, Dr. Hoch, Dr. Kent, Dr. Schwarze, Dr. Tefera, Dr. Turnipseed, Dr. Yamanouchi
School or College
School of Medicine and Public Health

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