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The Wisconsin Idea in Action - Education and Career Guidance Website for Singapore

In 2009, the Center on Education and Work (CEW) launched, an education and career guidance website for Singapore students in grades 5-12. The system contains online assessments, offers occupational information related to one’s interests and values, identifies educational opportunities needed to achieve chosen career goals, and links to job seeking information and skill building activities. Students can create an Individualized Learning Plan to store completed activities and skill artifacts that can be shared with parents, teachers, and career specialists, college admissions officers, and employers. The website has won two international awards for being one of the top IT applications in the ASEAN region.


The web portal helps youth and adults become aware of their interests, skills, and values, explore how they can be applied in the world of work, and develop the job seeking skills needed to acquire meaningful employment. The program's aim is to promote self-directed and engaged learners by helping them become aware of how their educational experiences serve as the foundation for future career aspirations.

Focus Areas

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Fran Breit
Associate Director For Career Information Systems, Center On Education And Work

Center on Education and Work (CEW)
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