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The Wisconsin Idea in Action

Badger Reach: Impactful Summer Internships in Milwaukee, Chicago and the Twin Cities

This 3-year project designs and implements ‘impactful’ UW-Madison summer internships in Milwaukee, Chicago and the Twin Cities. Impactful internships extend and apply student learning to perennial public challenges in the areas of education/social welfare, civic participation/voting, law/human rights, and environment/urban design. Baldwin Wisconsin Idea support provides fellowship funding for 18 half-time student interns each summer who often must forgo other paid opportunities to pursue public-oriented internship work. This project is simultaneously enabled by and positively impacts several intended audiences including students, partner organizations and alumni in each of the three cities.

Focus Areas

Project Leader

Joel Clark
Career And Internship Instructor, Social Sciences

Political Science
School or College
College of Letters & Science

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