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Center for Research on College-Workforce Transitions

The mission of the Center for Research on College to Workforce Transitions (CCWT) is to conduct and support research, critical policy analysis, and public dialogue on student experiences with the transition from college to the workforce in order to inform policies, programs, and practices that promote academic and career success for all learners. CCWT is engaged in four program strands: students experiences with skills acquisition via teaching and work-based learning; students’ experiences with college career advising services; student and employer experiences with the hiring process; and, student and community members views on the relationships among higher education, the labor market, and civic engagement.


The center is being launched at a time when student employability, skills gaps, changes in the labor market, the future of higher education, and lifelong learning are being discussed and debated around the world. Underlying these debates is a growing consensus that the postsecondary system needs to pay closer attention to ensuring students are provided with 21st century competencies as well as career guidance so that they can thrive in the workplace. While the increasing focus on the role of higher education in vocational preparation should not supersede the traditional functions of education to cultivate student’s intellects or sense of civic engagement, employability is an essential issue for many students, parents, and policymakers.

Focus Areas

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Matthew Hora
Assistant Professor

Liberal Arts and Applied Studies
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Division of Continuing Studies

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