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The Wisconsin Idea in Action

Investigating farm-level factors and life history events that affect carcass quality of dairy cows

Despite being the second largest milk producer in the U.S. and that dairy steers and cull dairy cows represent 80% of its beef supply, Wisconsin does not yet have specific research data on factors that affect characteristics, quality and price of the carcass of cull dairy cows. Therefore, identifying farm factors that affect the quality, value and price of cull dairy cows in Wisconsin is important to help dairy farmers' decisions to improve culling strategies, animal welfare, reproduction and feeding strategies. The objective of this project is to investigate the effect of farm level factors and animal life events on carcass quality traits, price and value of cull dairy cows in Wisconsin.


The results of this project will aid dairy farmers with better culling decisions so that cull cows can produce carcasses with better quality, which will ultimately increase consumers’ satisfaction and also the profitability of the dairy industry and meat processors.

Focus Areas

Project Leader

Guilherme Rosa

Department of Animal Sciences
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College of Agricultural and Life Sciences

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