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Open Educational Resources support program

The libraries have hired an Open Educational Resources Coordinator who will lead a campus effort to encourage and support adoption and creation of open educational resources (OER). OERs help control costs of access to education by minimizing or eliminating textbook costs and allow for customization of learning materials for particular courses and students. UW-Madison researchers and instructors routinely create valuable resources that can be found and used for teaching and learning anywhere in Wisconsin and throughout the world with the help of a campus OER program.


Our program is just beginning, so we will soon be able to describe the specific impact on Wisconsin teachers and learners. In late 2018, a national research project calculated that OERs have saved students more than one *billion* dollars in the last five years and UW-Madison will be able to further increase that total.

Focus Areas

Project Leader

Carrie Nelson
Director of Scholarly Communication

General Library System

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