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Transgender and Nonbinary People’s Experience of Relational Trauma with Parental Figures

This research project aims to establish theories on TNB people’s experiences of relational trauma with parental figures. The four specific goals of this project are to establish data-supported theories on 1) the characteristics, symptoms, progress, and conditions of relational trauma among TNB people; 2) relational trauma’s impact on TNB people’s resilience from minority stress; 3) means and sources of recovering from relational trauma and developing post-traumatic growth; and 4) specific protocols in conducting ethical and emotionally safe trauma research with TNB population. This project will advance the academic knowledge of understudied yet important phenomena and set the foundation for developing evidence-based interventions.


We anticipate that this project will provide theories on characteristics, symptoms, progresses, and conditions of relational trauma with parental figures and the trauma’s impacts on resilience from minority stress and post-traumatic growth among TNB people. This data will provide an essential base from which evidence-based interventions can be developed to work with TNB people with relational trauma by providing a new and concrete understanding of the phenomena, including its symptoms, progresses, and healing.

Focus Areas

Project Leader

Joonwoo Lee
Graduate Assistant

Counseling Psychology
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School of Education

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