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The Wisconsin Idea in Action

Literacy in Assessment and Data Designed for Effective Results for English Language Learners (LADDER)

The Wisconsin Center for Education Research's (WCER) WIDA project has developed the Literacy in Assessment and Data Designed for Effective Results (LADDER) program to assist and support district teams in creating professional learning communities that use data analysis to continuously inform their decisions about curriculum, instruction and assessment of all students, particularly English language learners, including those with disabilities. LADDER is offered throughout the 36 states of the WIDA Consortium.


WIDA Facilitators lead a diverse, school-based team of educators- called the LADDER Leadership Team- through a process of continuous data-informed reflection. Teams use data to identify targeted areas of strengths and need and to implement an action plan focused on their ELLs. WIDA also trains district or school-based language specialists as LADDER coaches who support their teams through the entire process.

Focus Areas

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Timothy Boals
Executive Director

Wisconsin Center for Education Research (WCER)
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