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The Wisconsin Idea in Action

Wisconsin TechSearch (WTS)

Wisconsin TechSearch (WTS) was created under the State Technical Services Act of 1965 (15 USC 37), to "promote economic growth by supporting state and regional centers to place the finding of science usefully in the hands of American enterprise." After more than 40 years, WTS still provides fast and reliable document delivery and research assistance services to individual researchers and consultants, corporate information centers and law firms across the state and throughout the United States. The program uses library sources at UW-Madison and around the world to provide information quickly and reliably. WTS has access to over 500 subject-specific databases and can provide users with a list of articles or patents on a research subject of interest.


People and companies who are not affiliated with the university are able to access UW-Madison library collections through WTS.

Focus Areas

Project Leader

Rachel Watters

Memorial Library

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