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Wisconsin Film Festival

The Wisconsin Film Festival is presented by the UW–Madison Division of the Arts in association with the Department of Communication Arts. Founded in 1999, the Festival presents an average of 150 film screenings over 8 days every spring, making it the largest university-produced film festival in the nation. The Festival is known for its diverse film offerings: American independent, international cinema, documentaries, experimental and avant-garde, restored classics, the Wisconsin’s Own Section and Children’s Cinema: Big Screens, Little Folks. We strive to present films in the highest possible quality, as well as bring filmmakers and other industry professionals to Madison to present their work to our audience.


The Festival provides a rare, yearly opportunity for the general public to view films covering a wide range of styles and genres. Each year's Festival includes work that represents the most accomplished and innovative filmmakers working around the world, exemplifying the best of cinema as an art form. The festival presents films that explore social justice, independence, cultural distinctions, and more. Additionally, there are relatively few other opportunities for local filmmaking artists to share their movies publicly; the festival advocates for and supports the work of Wisconsin artists. Wisconsin Film Festival supports the vision that our state can be an excellent location for the production of and appreciation for the cinematic arts.

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Ben Reiser
Outreach & Community Engagement Manager, Wisconsin Film Festival

UW Madison Division of the Arts in partnership with UW Madison Department of Communication Arts
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College of Letters & Science

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