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Evaluation Research Program

The Evaluation Research Program in the UW-Madison Population Health Institute conducts program evaluations and evaluation research studies related to population health programs and policies. The group works in partnership with community, tribal and governmental organizations across Wisconsin to develop, implement, evaluate, and improve programs that support the health of Wisconsin citizens and their communities. The results of these collaborations have benefited children, families, senior citizens, human service and medical professionals, and individuals involved in the criminal justice system.


A list of the Evaluation Research Program's current and recent work can be found on their website. Examples of these projects include: statewide and local programs in the areas of mental health, nutrition, physical activity and fitness in schools, programs offering treatment in lieu of incarceration with strong case management services to coordinate support services, substance abuse prevention, screening, brief intervention and treatment, programs engaging communities experiencing health inequities, including African American, Latinos and American Indians, and rigorous evaluation research on preventive interventions.

Focus Areas

Project Leader

Paul Moberg

Population Health Institute
School or College
School of Medicine and Public Health

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